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The Advanced Penetration Testing Course by EC-Council Has Been Created as The Progression After the ECSA (Practical). It Is a Certification for Those Who Want to Challenge the Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) Certification and Be Recognized as Elite Penetration Testing Professionals.

This Advanced Penetration Testing Course Spans Four Days and Requires You to Perform Various Tasks Until It Becomes Your Second Nature. This Is the Foundation of the Program.

The Advanced Penetration Testing Course Has Been Created to Teach You Advanced Concepts That Will Help When It Comes to Attempting the LPT(Master) Certification Exam.

What You Will Learn

In This Course, You Will Learn Professional Security and Penetration Testing Skills, Advanced Concepts Such as Scanning Against Defenses, Pivoting Between Networks, Deploying Proxy Chains, And Using Web Shells. The Exam Duration Is 18 Hours.

The Exam Will Require You to Demonstrate Mastery of Deploying Advanced Pen Testing Techniques and Tools Including Multi-Level Pivoting, OS Vulnerabilities Exploits, SSH Tunnelling, Host-Based Application Exploits, Privilege Escalation, Web Server and Web Application Exploitation Such as Arbitrary Local and Remote File Upload, SQL Injection and Parameter Manipulation, Etc. – All In a Real-life Scenario on Hardened Machines, Networks, And Applications.

The Exam by EC-Council Will Challenge Your Pen Testing Skills at Three Levels, Each with Three Challenges, Against Multi-layered Network Architecture with Defense-in-depth Controls. The Tasks Will Require You to Make Knowledgeable Decisions Under Immense Pressure at Critical Stages While Selecting Your Approach and Exploits. Note That You Will Be Under the Watchful Eyes of the EC-Council Proctors Who Will Be Online and Live! This Added Pressure Will Test Your Mental Strength.

As You Progress Along the Three Levels, You Must Manoeuvre Web Application, Network, And Host Penetration Testing Tools and Tricks in an Internal and External Context to Ultimately PWN The Hosts and Exfiltrate Data Required for the Completion of the Challenges.

The Successful Completion of the Program and Certification Differentiates You from Novice as an Expert in Penetration Testing.

The Advanced Penetration Testing Course by EC-Council Is Built on the Backbone of The Advanced Penetration Testing Cyber Range (ECCAPT). It Has Been Designed by Experts with More Than 25 Years of Professional Security Testing Across the Globe.

The Program by EC-Council Comprises Multiple Ranges Designed to Hone Specific Real-life Pen Testing Skills. The ECCAPT Contains More Than 180 Machines with More Than 250 Gb Ram and More Than 4000 Gb of Storage Segregated in Complex Network Ranges with Multiple Militarized and Demilitarized Zones. The Program Facilitates Learning and Demonstration of Current Attack Vectors, Penetration Testing Methodology, And Tools.
A Range Typically Consists Of 5 To 8 Subnets, With Each Subnet Representing a Different Business Unit and Comprising Semi-hardened And Hardened Machines with More Than 15 Windows and Linux OS Flavors.
The Range Is Designed to Provide Challenges Across Every Level of The Attack Spectrum and Contains Multiple Layers of Network Segmentation. Once Access Is Gained in One Segment, The Latest Pivoting Techniques Are Required to Reach the Next Segment. Many Challenges Will Require Out-of-the-box Thinking, Customization of Scripts and Exploits to Get into the Innermost Segments of The Network. The Key to Being a Highly Skilled Penetration Tester Is to Go Up Against a Variety of Targets Configured in Different Ways.

The ECCAPT Consists of Entire Network Segments That Replicate an Enterprise Network. Unlike A Computer Game Simulation, This Is an Accurate Representation of An Enterprise Network That Will Present the Latest Challenges to the Pen Tester. The Targets and Technology Continue to Change, The ECCAPT Is Dynamic and Machines and Defenses Will Be Added as They Are Observed in the Wild. Finally, The Targets and Segments Are Progressive in Nature. So, Once You Get into A Machine and or Segment, The Next One Challenges You Even More.
The Final Range Consists of Challenges That Require the Skills and Concepts Covered in the Course. It Also Includes Multiple Visible as Well as Hidden Subnets to Prepare You for The Possible Challenges of The LPT (Master) Range.

Finally, The Ranges Are Designed to Teach Highly Professional Skills to Identify the Attack Surface of Targets Within a Required Time Frame. The Accomplishment at This Stage Then Requires You to Gain Access to the Machines and Escalate Privileges, As Required. An Encounter with A Great Variety of Targets with and Without Defenses Makes You Better Professional Penetration Tester.

The Practical Environment Range Progresses in Difficulty and Reflect Real Enterprise Network Architecture. This Environment Requires You to Defeat and Overcome Defenses and Challenges.

Each Progressive Encounter at Different Range Level Presents some Top Defenses of Current Times and Enables You to Learn the Best and Latest Evasion Techniques.

This 100% Hands-on and Effective Training Format Has Helped Thousands of Penetration Testers Globally. The Course Runs Through an Enterprise Network Environment That Must Be Attacked, Exploited, Evaded, And Defended.

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