Courses Overview

The EDRP Certification by EC-Council Is Aimed at Educating and Validating a Cyber-Security Professional’s Ability to Plan, Strategize, Implement, And Maintain a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan.

What You Will Learn

The EDRP Program and Certification Provides the Cyber Security Professionals with A Strong Understanding of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Principles. It Teaches the Skills to Conduct Business Impact Analysis, Assessment of Risks, Develop Policies and Procedures, And Implement a Plan. It Also Teaches Information Technology Security Professionals to Secure Data by Putting Policies and Procedures in Place and Recover and Restore Their Organization’s Critical Data in the Aftermath of a Disaster.

In A Scenario Where 2 Out Of 5 Business Still Do Not Even Have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan, The Cyber Security Professionals Must Be Trained to Not Only Understand the Gravity of The Situation, But They Should Also Be Equipped to Ensure That Businesses Are Least Impacted When a Disaster Strikes. The EDRP Program Achieves This Goal!

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