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EC-council’s Digital Forensic Investigator CHFI Certification Program Prepares Information Technology Student and Professionals to Conduct Computer Investigations Using Ground-breaking Digital Forensics Technologies. This Certification Program validates And Certifies Individuals in The Specific Security Discipline of Computer Forensics from A Vendor-neutral Perspective.

What You Will Learn

Computer Crime or Cybercrime Is on A Steep Rise Today. The Police, Governments, And Corporate Entities Across the Globe Use Various Computer Investigation Techniques to Prevent Such Crimes and Protect the Digital Assets.

Digital Forensics is A Key Component in Cyber Security. We Often Hear the Term Forensics, or Computer Forensics, or Digital Forensics and Instantly Think That’s Just for Law Enforcement, But the Truth Is, Digital Forensics Has a Key Place on Every Cyber Security Team.

Computer Forensics Is the Application of Computer Investigation and Analysis Techniques to Determine Potential Legal Evidence. Evidence Might Be Sought in A Wide Range of Computer Crime or Misuse, Including but Not Limited to Theft of Trade Secrets, Theft of or Destruction of Intellectual Property, And Fraud.

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation Is the Process to Detect Hacking Attacks and Extract Proper Evidence to Report the Crime. It Is Used to Conduct Audits and Prevent Future Attacks. Digital Forensic Practices Stem from Forensic Science, The Science of Collecting and Examining Evidence or Materials. Digital Or Computer Forensics Focuses on The Digital Domain That Includes Computer Forensics, Network Forensics, And Mobile Forensics.

Cyber Security Professionals Who Acquire A Firm Grasp On The Principles Of Digital Forensics Can Become Invaluable Members Of Incident Handling And Incident Response Teams. EC-council’s Digital Forensic Investigator CHFI Certification Program Builds Skills to Identify an Intruder’s Footprints and To Properly Gather the Necessary/required Evidence to Prosecute the Offender in the Court of Law. This Digital Forensics Certification Aims to Fortify the Application Knowledge of Law Enforcement Personnel, System Administrators, Security Officers, Defense and Military Personnel, Legal Professionals, Bankers, Security Professionals, And Anyone Concerned About the Integrity of the Network Infrastructure. CHFI Investigators Develop the Skills to Recover Computer Data by Drawing on An Array of Methods That Can Discover Data Residing in A Computer System, Or Recover Deleted, Encrypted, Or Damaged File Information.

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